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I’m a twenty-four year old portrait photographer located in the beauteous state of Washington. I lived in Kirkland for nineteen years and just recently relocated to Snohomish in 2017. I specialize in portraiture, seniors, headshots, test shoots, fashion bloggers, couples/engagement, boudoir, and truly anything one-on-one. Being a photographer is the only job I’ve ever had and hope to ever have. I absolutely LOVE to meet new people and my line of work allows me to do exactly that but on even more of a special and personal level. The world is constantly inspiring me every single day to never stop creating whether it be through photography, styling, modeling, reading, people, traveling, and so much more.

I like to think I’m somewhat of a ball of energy but I am also in love with making people feel at ease, have fun, and be comfortable when they are in my presence. Making those around me feel good about themselves and who they are as a person is my favorite thing in the world. Your happiness, brings me happiness. This world is beautiful, you are beautiful, and showing you that is what I adore most. There is nothing I would love more than to get the opportunity to show you how incredible you truly are.

As many people find out after they meet me I’m quite a little human but I sure got a lot of love in my heart. I believe making your heart the prettiest thing about you is so important. Color and energy truly is such an essence of happiness in my eyes which is what I always try to portray through my images.

A lot of times people think you have to have a reason to book a photoshoot with me but the best feeling is doing something just because you want to without rules or reasoning. Of course there’s tons of reasons to book specific types of sessions with me but don’t let yourself believe you have to have one. I would love to supply you with amazing images at any point in your life. So don’t be shy and fill out my contact page and we can get to plannin’ lovely humans.

“Leave people better than you found them.” forever my goal ❤


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